There is everything for everyone in Lebanon, and a huge potential to open new sectors all over the country. For now, all the climbing involves top-quality limestone, with over challenging hanging sectors, sharp and crimpy vertical routes, as well as many multi-pitch options.

Climbing sites in Lebanon are divided by Lebanese districts and are listed below. For each site, you will find directions, a selection of pictures, as well as climbing routes' names and grades.


Nahr Beirut (Daychounieh)

Climbs 16 (5a to 7b) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude 126m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 13 KM ; 20min – Season to climb: Spring, Autumn & Winter

Closest crag to Beirut. South facing and next to a river, so think about getting some mosquito repellent. It is better not to climb here in Summer as temperatures can go as high as 37°C.

The LCA, Marcin Pius and the late John Redwine developed 7 climbs in 2010. Julien Pierson, Edgard Kazzi, Georges Al Murr, Jean Kreiker and Elie Diab bolted new routes in 2011.


Ain Trez

Climbs 20 (5a to 7b) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude 654m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 34 KM ; 35min – Season to climb: Spring & Autumn

A limestone cliff located in the Ain Trez Village, offering pleasant views and beautiful sights. Mainly some technical climbing. South-West facing cliff, it is best to climb early mornings or late afternoons especially in Summer. A 60m rope is enough for all the routes.

This crag was developed by the LCA in collaboration with Julien Pierson, Edgard Kazzi, Rami Bou Chdid and Elie Diab.


Climbs 18 (4+ to 6+) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude 1650m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 54 KM ; 1h40m – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

Afqa is a lovely peaceful site with beautiful scenery. It is ideal for beginners in rock climbing. A 70m rope is enough. There are few challenging routes and lots of potential for new ones.

This crag was developed by the French Army.


Faqra Nawawiss

Climbs 28 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1512m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 46.9 KM ; 1h – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

This site features both very short climbs and well short climbs but is an excellent place for camping and climbing. It is a private land owned by Mr. Tony who runs a restaurant and camping site at that location. Mr. Tony is a very nice gentleman who welcomes all climbers. On weekends it is preferable not to park in front of the restaurant as this place is reserved for the customers. His number is +961 03 256 709 for camping and or food arrangements. 

JoolMood Feytroun

Climbs 19 (4a to 6c) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude 1200m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 37 KM ; 45min – Season to climb: All year

JoolMood is a great site for beginner and intermediate climbers who want to enjoy lots of short climbs in a welcoming atmosphere. A camp site and B&B are available for any enthusiast climber.


Jezzine crag topo.jpg

Tiid - Jezzine

Climbs 21 (5b to 7a) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 625m a.s.l.

Distance from Beirut 60 KM ; 1h15m – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

West facing cliff located in Tiid village, offering pleasant views and beautiful sights in the valley of Bisri. The crag holds mainly technical climbs. A 70 m rope is enough for all the routes.

This site was developed by the LCA in collaboration with foreign climbers Ulric Rousseau, Eva Moya Prado, Emilie Pellerin and local climber Nicolas Saadeh, in November 2014.



Climbs 17 (5b to 7b) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 230m a.s.l.

Distance from Beirut 40 KM ; 1h – Season to climb: Spring, Autumn & Winter

The Aamchit crag is a beautiful limestone cliff in an isolated valley that has challenging vertical climbs as well as a beautiful overhanging tufa sections. Best to visit during the colder months of the year as the cliff is facing directly South.

Local climbers Georges Emil, Jad Khoury, Tony Dagher and foreigner Will Nazarian bolted this site in 2011.

Tannourine El Fawqa (Chir Al Ribazi)

Climbs 40 (4c to 7c) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1585m a.s.l.

Distance from Beirut 90 KM ; 1h45 – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

One of the oldest crags to be equipped in the country. It was bolted by French military soldiers in the late 1990's. Enjoy beautiful views with a great variety of beginner routes all the way up to 7c.

You also have the option to do long multi-pitches. The crag gets sunny around midday.

Multi-Pitches / Tannourine El Fawqa

Climbs 3 (5a to 6c) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1585m a.s.l.

Distance from Beirut 90 KM ; 1h45 – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

These multi-pitches have been bolted by the French Army in 2000. You have the choice between: 130m, 200m and 300m.

Beit Chlala

Climbs 19 (6b to 7b+) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude -m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 74 KM ; 1h15 – Season to climb: All year

A nice intermediate-advanced North facing crag, you will enjoy climbing in the shade during the hot lebanese summer. This crag was developed in 2018 by Pascale Matera, Michel Matera, Jad Khoury, Georges Emil, Jakob Farah, Laurent Outtier, Stephane Chabert, Sebastien Bohin, David Adams and Raphael Pedron.

Tannourine El Tahta

Climbs 50 (5a to 8b) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 924m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 79 KM / 1h45 – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

Tannourine El Tahta is the biggest crag in Lebanon. With more than 50 routes and grades ranging from 5a to 8b. Developed by Georges Emil, Jad Khoury and Will Nazarian, they made a very nice crag out of this splendid rock.

In summer, it is best to climb in the afternoon. The Shawarma Cave, which is at a 20 min walk up, is a good overhang crag with shade for advanced climbers.

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Tannourine/Chatine - Teffehat

Climbs 16 (4+ to 7a) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1453m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 62 KM / 1h30– Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

Chatine was the first climbing site developed in the region of Tannourine back in 1999. The French Army instructors, François LE RAY, Jean-Luc SCHMITT and Jean-Paul EHRHARD equipped for initiation with many relatively easy routes and very safe bolting. However, there are also a few overhanging challenges to keep the more experienced climbers happy. The crag faces east and enjoys a lot of shadow in the afternoon.


Climbs 26  – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1732m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 61 KM / 1h30– Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

Located not far from the ski slopes, Laqlouq is a great climbing site that is composed of four Sections. The sections offer excellent routes for beginning climbing both sports and traditional.


Climbs 16 (5b to 6c+) – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1490m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 100 KM / 2h30– Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

With its amazing view over the Kadicha Valley, Hadchit is nice initiation crag. Developed in 2006 by Thierry PETIT JEAN, Alain ECOIFFIER, Cédric BRIAS and Gabriel MANN, the cliff is faced South and is equipped with 16 routes of 12 m high.