JoolMood - Feytroun

Climbs 19 (4a to 6c) – Rock Type Limestone – Altitude 1200m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 37 KM ; 45min – Season to climb: All year

how to get there

Take the road as if going to Faraya. Arriving in Feytroun, you will see the JoolMood sign on your right just before a gas station. Follow the sign that will lead you to the site.


JoolMood is a camping site, a B&B and a rock climbing spot. The climbing site is still in development: the goal is to have more than 40 routes fully bolted by October. Many climbers, both local and international, already worked on this site and many more are yet to come during summer. You can follow the development of the project on the dedicated Facebook page Magic Garden Project - Rock Climbing in Joolmood.
You can also learn more, see more pictures, and see how you can get involved in this doc: Magic Garden Project explained.

Joolmood’s rock climbing site has several sectors : 2 small ones right next to where you can park your car and a main one 10min walk, down in the valley. The main sector itself consists of many cliffs. All the routes are bolted with the highest standard of safety (“school sector”), with a chained anchor PLX and all the bolts are in stainless steel.

Chadi the owner, is gladly welcoming all autonomous climbers for free. You can call him (+961 766 990 61) for food and/or sleeping arrangements: camping or guest room. For any climbing related questions you can call or message Victor by Whatsapp +33 768 797 401.

Climbing lessons for beginners and intermediate can be organised for 20$/person.
A hard-copy topo will soon be edited and sold on site, it will be more detailed and updated. The money collected via climber’s participation will be used to keep funding the bolting (6$ = 1 bolt).

The Castle Sector

Right by the central area of Joolmood, next to the slackline.
Iconic short crag (a massive big boulder in fact). Both beginners and intermediates can spend a full day on it. It is also handy to be right next to the restaurant and facilities. 

9 routes: 10 to 15 meters high, 5a to 6c.
9 more routes to be bolted through the summer.

Castle West TOPO - text 1.jpg
Castle south_TOPO - text.jpg

anchor 3

First of Many, 5a Ultimate comfortable route. Great for beginners or for a first time leading, 5 points.

anchor 4

La Pepette à Juliette, 5c/6a Difficulty depends a lot on your size, 5 points

anchor 5

Leader Feaver, 5c Technical slab, 4 points.

anchor 1 (3 routes)

Bakafleur, 6c Bouldery juggy start, joins “Pocket Maze” at the 3rd point,4 points.

Pocket Maze, 6a+ Hard start, hard to read, joins “Bakafleur” at the 3rd point, 4 points.

Patte’s Folle, 5b+ Follow the crack, 5 points. 

anchor 2 (2 routes)

Fais le Pas Tronc, 5b+ Hard first move. The bolter wishes you don’t use the tree trunk, 4 points.

Don’t Wanna See No Tears, 5b Technical start. Watch the swing if top roping, 4 points.

The Playground Sector

2 min walk from the central area of Joolmood. You can follow a trail leading there or simply ask any of the workers there.
The perfect crag for an introduction to rock climbing and very kid friendly. Top roping only except for the three routes far on the right. Don’t hesitate to call Victor if you need help to set the top rope. He will happily do it for you.

8 routes: 5 to 7 meters high, 4a to 6a.

Anchor 4

Danse City, 5-

Challenge the Chwarf, 6a/b Hard moves but very short, 3 points.

Anchor 5

Undecisive, 5b+ 2nd and 3rd points are shared with “Broken Ladder”

Broken Ladder, 5a Straight forward. 2nd and 3rd bolt are shared with “Undecisive”

Anchor 1 (2 routes)

Flower Power, 4-

Phoenix River, 4-

Anchor 2

Righty Loosy, 4+ Stick to the left for more challenge.

Anchor 3

The Sample, 5- Stick to the left for more challenge.

Magic Garden

10 min walk from the central area of Joolmood. You should easily find a trail going all the way down in the valley. Don’t hesitate to ask any worker to lead you there. Victor would also be glad to walk you down all the way.
The Magic Garden is a big patch of land that is completely unused for now: a true rock climbing paradise. The place is filled with boulders and pieces of cliffs all around, whose charm and beauty recall Fontainebleau, but with its own climbing style and rock feature. The way the different cliffs are spread all around make the Magic Garden a very pleasant site to climb in all year long. It also stays pleasantly fresh during the summer. At least 20 more routes will be bolted there through the summer.

Cliff 1: “The Temple”

First obvious cliff in the Magic Garden. 7 min walk from the central area of Joolmood.

3 routes: 5c, 6a, 6b, 17 meters high. 3 more routes to be bolted on this cliff by mid July.

1 - Chimney Sweep, 5c Steady very pleasant route. A lot of different curious rock features in one route. 6th point can be shared with “Les Trous des Mentals”, 6 points.

2 - Les Trous des Mentals, 6b Mentally challenging route.
> For safety reasons, there is no dedicated anchor < You can use the anchor and the last bolt of “Chimney Sweep” . The other option is to traverse to the right after the last point and reach the anchor of “Pump It Up” (a bit harder), 6 points.

3 - Pump It Up, 6a Pumpy steady and slightly overhanging with good holds. The anchor can be shared with “Les Trous des Mentals”, 6 points.