Faqra, Nawawis (Roman Tombs)

Climbs 28 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 1512m a.s.l

Distance from Beirut 46.9 KM ; 1h – Season to climb: Spring, Summer & Autumn

This site features both very short climbs and well short climbs but is an excellent place for camping and climbing. It is a private land owned by Mr. Tony who runs a restaurant and camping site at that location. Mr. Tony is a very nice gentleman who welcomes all climbers. On weekends it is preferable not to park in front of the restaurant as this place is reserved for the customers. His number is +961 03 256 709 for camping and or food arrangements. 

how to get there

Take the road up to Faraya, you will get to a big roundabout in Faraya village with small shops on the right. Keep straight on the new road, at the end take a left and head for Faqra's Roman ruins. You will see them on the right side. Once you get there drive 10 meters past the entrance of the roman castle and take the road to your right (only open road). This will lead you straight to Chez Toni which is the start of the climbs there.


sector 1

Faqra is a great site for new climbers. These routes are excellent for practicing and enhancing your climbing techniques. At this very first sector, the routes are quite short and easy. On the opposite side of the routes, there is a nice rock for bouldering with many interesting problems. 

Note: there is a roman tomb carved inside the climbing wall, kindly help us preserve it.

K1 through K12
Grades range between 3+ and 4+
Routes are 6 meters in height, 4 points on each route







sector 2

This crag has 4 routes which are quite easy.

13 - K13 4+
14 - K14 4
15 - K15 4+
16 - K16 4+










sector 3

Walk past Sector 2 and follow the foot trail. You should see a tall rock sticking up. This section consists of 5 climbs with 4 bolts each except for the top rope route at the very beginning.

18- K18 4
19- K19 5b
20- K20 5a
21- K21 5a+
21- K21 (Top rope) 6
22- K22 6a+
23- K23
24- K24


sector 4

These are the last four climbs in Faqra. You can access them by turning right and straight between the two big rocks just before you go down to the beginning of K21. 

*Note: The rocks are crumbly at this section, be extra careful.










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