Fellow Rock Climbers,

Have you ever thought how to increase your rock climbing skills? 

Introducing yoga into your training will be very beneficial for you: 
- Prevents injuries
- Strengthens your finger grip
- Promotes balance
- Increases core strength and flexibility
- Calms your mind
- Increases your awareness of your body
- Develops your breathing to know how to link your breath to your movement, as you do on the wall.

!!! Bring your yoga mat, rock climbing and camping gear. Also make sure to have enough food & water to fuel you all weekend long. It will be cold so make sure to bring warm clothes !!!


- Jana began her Yoga journey almost 15 years ago. Gradually, the journey turned into a philosophy of life, enfusing day to day living with meaning and purpose... She studied under the 'Federation Nationale des Ensignants de Yoga' (FNEY) for 4 years and presented her yoga thesis. She has a passion for teaching and considers that transmitting the art of yoga is a sacred process. She considers self awareness as her main goal and the ability to repair preexisting patterns rather than repeat them, a lesson worth sharing...

- Laure has been a yoga teacher for 3 years and has been practicing this discipline for 9 years. She studied under the Federation of Yoga Teachers (Federation National des Enseignantes de Yoga, la FNEY). Laure has lived a profound transformation over the years thanks to this wisdom of life, which is yoga and has decided to pass on this voice so that others would take the path that was beneficial to her.

Saturday 28th Oct:
- 3pm: opening of camping site, slackline setting up
- 4pm-6pm: Sunset Yoga session with Laure Chevallier 

Sunday 29th Oct:
- 8am-10am: Morning Yoga with Jana Saleh Valenzuela 
- 10:30am: Rock Climbing

- Camp fire not allowed!
- A grill is available for barbecuing for those who want to use it.
- No dogs allowed

A contribution to the association of 30.000 LL is your entrance to the event.
For LCA members, you will receive an email with the discount code.



Contact Chloe on 70711665.