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Dear Friends,

After a series of successful events, #UROCK team is organizing a rock climbing WEEKEND in Tanourine El Tahta and Chir er Ribazi AKA Harissa Tanourine, on July 21st and 22nd 2018.

1- General Information:
If you haven't been to these locations yet, Tanourine is a mountainous area located in the Batroun District in North Lebanon 75 km from the capital Beirut. 

Levels: Easy to advanced

Wear a loose & comfortable top, that gives you maximum freedom of movement. Choose long pants to protect your knees from scratches & abrasions.
Keep a jacket on you all the times, just in case of a cold breeze. 
Of course, having your climbing shoes is ideal, otherwise Converse or running shoes will do the job. 

There are no nearby markets, hence for lunch bring your own snacks & beverages, and don't forget to BRING WATER for the entire event (at least 2 liters per day).

2- Gathering:
It is important to be on time by 7:30 AM at Carpet Plus in Dbayeh, for the schedule to run as smooth as possible: We will leave at 8:00 AM **SHARP**
We will have a 15-min breakfast stop at Wooden Bakery Byblos, and then we head to the climbing site directly.

3- Transportation:
Currently, we DO NOT PROVIDE transportation. You need to have your own car, or share a ride/carpool with any of the attendees.

4- Fees PER DAY, include both equipment & guidance:
- LBP 35,000 / person,
- LBP 30,000 / person for groups of 6 or more,
- LBP 25,000 if you show your valid monthly membership,
- LBP 5,000 / pair of shoes rented (for those who have already mentioned that in the application form)

For those coming on Saturday AND Sunday, a 15% discount apply on the total incurring amount.

N.B.: Please have the exact amount on you.

5- Camping:
For those who want, you can camp in Chir er Ribazi, close to the climbing site (1,585 m. altitude).
The Outdoor Guru will be providing camping equipment rental (tents, sleeping bags, head lamps and lanterns) for reservation via DM or 70-877970

Do the needed arrangements (food, water, fruits, ...) to cover for the entire weekend, if you are coming and camping with us.

- Places are limited to 20 people PER DAY.
- People under 18 years old, should be accompanied by their guardians.
- Sometimes & due to reasons beyond our control, some modifications may occur. 
- Bring your own health insurance, and personal first aid kit in case of any emergency.

Reservation is a must:

For additional information, please contact Jad (+961-3-807854)

Live, Laugh, Climb!


Are you a group of 6 people and more, and would like to go on a private climbing day?
Do not hesitate to contact Jad (+961-3-807854), to make it happen.


- Date: Weekend of July 21st and 22nd 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
- Location: Tanourine Tahta & Harissa Tanourine
- Levels: Easy to advanced
- Fees: LBP 35,000 / person / PER DAY
- Gathering: 7:30 AM at Carpet Plus, Dbayeh highway.

Come many!