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  • Michel Bustros
  • Bayrut, Beirut Governorate
  • Lebanon

For the fifth consecutive year, the LCA brings you the Reel Rock Film Tour!

Founded in 2006 by filmmakers Josh Lowell (Big UP Productions) and Peter Mortimer (Sender Films), the REEL ROCK Film Tour brings the best climbing and adventure films of the year to live audiences throughout the world. The film tour is the definitive annual event for climbing communities globally. REEL ROCK shows are high energy, community events that go beyond mere film screenings to include athlete and filmmaker appearances, prize giveaways, non-profit fundraising, and a party atmosphere.

This fall, REEL ROCK cranks it up to 12 with the latest collection of electrifying climbing films showcasing the sport's biggest stories and athletes. The four new films deliver edge-of-your-seat action, globe-trotting exploration, big laughs and true inspiration.

- Break On Through feat. Margo Hayes

- Above The Sea feat. Chris Sharma

- Safety Third feat. Brad Gobright

- Stumped feat. Maureen Beck

!! All the tickets are sold online !!
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- Or at one of the designated places mentioned on Ihjoz.