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Join us in Lebanon at the end of April for a week of highlining, climbing, and other movement arts in the stunningly beautiful Kadisha Valley near the small town of Bcharre. 

This first year, the festival is being sponsored by Crossing Lines - Slacklining. We're working with local highliners and the village nearby to create a vibrant festival. The first Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival aims to draw adventure athletes to Lebanon to experience a piece of the Middle East.

The festival will begin on Monday, the 23rd of April, with 8 to 12 highlines between ~20m and 400m long. The festival culminates on Saturday and Sunday (April 28th and 29th) when we invite the locals to visit the event and offer slackline classes and other activities. 

There are buses which run from the airport into Beirut, and from Beirut to the Bcharre, town where the festival will be held. We recommend coordinating with others to rent a car as a group, though, as this will be significantly easier. Car rentals in Lebanon are pretty affordable (~$9-15 a day for a compact). 

Bus info - http://www.living-lebanon.com/transportation-bcharre.html

If you want to coordinate with other participants to share a rental car or other travel needs: 


Camping will be available on site in Kadisha Valley. There are also guest houses, airbnb, and hotels in the area, though many need to be booked by phone and are difficult to find online. Tiger House Hostel and Bauhaus are good and affordable options. 

Rigging, festival setup, operations, and other practical positions relating to the festival - Please contact Bradley Duling

Festival workshops - Please Contact Sonya Iverson

Refugee outreach - Sonya Iverson will be organizing teaching classes with refugee kids through some of our local partners and possibly coordinating a group of volunteers to install permanent slacklines at one or more locations. Teaching happens the week before the festival (April 15-21) and will be in a different part of Lebanon so please plan accordingly. Contact Sonya for more information.

\\\ NOTE: Teaching in the refugee settlements is a Crossing Lines project and not officially part of the festival. Please let us know if you are interested and we'll work on the details. \\\

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