Mountains where given a break for 1 month to regenerate naturally and get ready for climbers.

The break ends on Sunday 17 - June - 2018

Go Up Climbing Club will be visiting Tannourine climbing site.

Levels: Easy to advanced

Fees, include equipment, guidance & breakfast:
- LBP 35,000 / person.
- LBP 30,000 / person for groups of 5 or more.
- LBP 30,000 For club members.

- Gathering: 7:00 am Behind Le Mall Saida
- Departure: 7:30 am Sharp
- Time Back (expected): 6:00 pm

For reservation please contact us before 17/6/2018, or visit us at our Club in Le Mall Saida, 2nd floor, to ensure your registration.

Reservation is necessary because of limited seats: