• Tannourine El Tahta (map)
  • Lebanon

We will be on the cliffs doing some route cleaning!

SATURDAY 27: Tannourine El Tahta

TIME: starting 9 am

Bring a pair of leather work gloves, a toothbrush, a wire brush, a knee pad (optional), your gear and join us!



- Do not alter rock and chip out holds.

- Stick to the established trail.

- Do not remove fauna & flora if not necessary: leave flowers, bushes, trees, nests where they should be. It is their territory not ours.

- Clean off any excess of chalk with a nylon brush not a wire one.

- Brush off the chalk marks that locate the holds.

- Make sure no one is standing or climbing beneath you if you need to remove a loose rock.

- Wearing a helmet is required!